About Us

AAPIG is a free to join camera and photography club open to all members of the US military, their dependents and American citizens, as well as affiliated Germans. We aim to create a fun, encouraging group where photographers of all levels can learn, share and grow. AAPIG is not for profit or associated with the department of defense other than we cater to the military community and it is run by 2 military spouses in their free time.

All are welcome to enjoy (or hate… we won’t tell you what to do) and comment on the blog!



Lindsey White |founder, blogger and teacher by night; button pusher at CIBW by day|

  • Started shooting: Since I was a kid. But seriously only since 2005 when I got my first SLR (digital or otherwise).
  • Favorite Subjects: Fashion, travel, nature
  • Favorite Photogs: Helmut Newton, Frank Doorhof Sam Abell, Jim Davis, Jesse Estes
  • Dream Subjects: Alligators in the Southern US, Great White’s (in the wild, of course), African wildlife, special needs children in 3rd world countries… There’s a long list ūüėČ
  • Credentials: I don’t have any. Unless you count being awesome. Which I do.
  • Gear Bag: I recently made the HUGE decision to sell all of my Canon stuff and switch to Sony *deep breaths*. Right now, I’m primarily rocking the Nex-5N. Soon, it will be the Nex-7. Unless something cool comes out before then…
  • Lindseys posts!¬†

Rachel Baine |Co-founder, photo addict, and owner of Rachel Baine Photography and Photographers resources|

  • Started shooting: Well I always liked taking pictures, It didnt matter what camera, disposable-or otherwise I loved it! My husband bought me my first digital point and shoot¬†(canon s3is) in 2006, I thought it was awesome, but I learnt the manual controls and found the camera to be restrictive. ¬†In 2008 I got my first DSLR and wowza! So much fun! I started my business in Virginia in 2010, after doing as much reading and learning as possible.
  • Favorite Subjects: Newborn and Landscapes
  • Dream Subjects: Mountains with lakes and beautiful sunsets and sunrises, One day I will also find time to take some star trail photographs!
  • Credentials: I have no formal training, just an extreme photography¬†addiction¬†that inspired me to learn.
  • Gear Bag: Canon EOS 30d and 40d, Canon 70-200mm 2.7L,¬†Canon 17-40mm L,¬†Canon 60mm 2.8 macro, Sigma 30mm 1.4, Canon 430zex flash, plus two generic flashes, various flash diffusers (garyfong / omnibounce / softbox / umbrellas etc) reflectors, wireless triggers, batteries, chargers, tripod and monopod (a must for landscape photography).
  • Rachels Posts


Alexandra Reilly | Contributor, photographer, dreamer by day, photographer by night & naptimes; owner of Alexandra Reilly Photography |

  • Started shooting: I started becoming obsessed with photography since High School( 2004) when I was taking photography classes and became Editor-in-Cheif of my yearbook committee.
  • Favorite Subjects: Newborns and Glamour!
  • Favorite Photogs: Jen Carver, Barb Uli, Elizabeth Halford, Andrew Jade Photography, and Sue Bryce
  • Dream Subjects: White out snowed villages, Breathtaking caves & waterfalls, Penguins, Underwater portraits, a live Birth, NILMDTS, Penguins
  • Credentials:I have taken many college courses, have attended seminars, webinars, workshops, tutorials, read manuals forward, backwards, upside down and sideways. It’s an ever evolving industry and you can only get better by being open to learn more!
  • Gear Bag: Canon EOS 1000D, Canon 50mm f/1.8, Canon 75-300, Canon 18-55 Canon flash w/ diffuser, a tripod, extra memory cards, wireless release, reflector, hand sanitizer, wet wipes, band aids, my point and shoot, extra batteries for all, chargers, a notepad and pen!

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