How to find photo shoot locations around Ramstein

A rainproof Lindsey, a cccccold and wet July day!

One of the most asked questions in our photo club is “where are good places to take photos?”

To answer the question I could give you a list of locations, but where is the fun in that? half the fun of taking photos, whether its for a portrait session, or just cool pictures of Germany to show friends back home, is finding the locations!

When I first arrived here in Germany I met Lindsey (though a Ramstein Yard Sales add) we were both looking for photography people to hang out with (which is how An American Photographer In Germany photo club came about) while we were in the getting to know you phase of our friendship we would go out driving around just looking for places to stop at and take pictures, we were a little nervous about parking on the side of the road to start with, but we soon realized that in Germany people park anywhere thats safe and then walk (and walk and walk and walk- particularly on Sundays)

My car, safely parked away from the main road, and to the side of the bike path.

If you are nervous about choosing a place to park, drive around on a Sunday, make a note of where cars are parked and go back during the week and park where you saw the cars. never park in fields or drive over crops. Once you have parked somewhere safe, gather up your equipment, a few snacks and walk….

My son staying dry while exploring

I like to walk on bike trails which are often signposted because the path is paved, which makes it easier for pushing my stroller, but you can walk anywhere there are paths, stay out of crop fields and stick to the paths which often run between unfenced fields. I have photographed several clients on the edges of fields, and had tractors drive by waving hi at us, if your respectful you wont be asked to leave.

Another way you can find locations is to use google maps, you can type in your village name and look for landmarks like lakes or parks and then go drive to them to see if they are worth shooting at. In Ramstein there is a small pond called seewoog, and in kaisersloutern there is a lake called vogelwoog, both are a nice place for a picnic with your family and make for a fun place to take photographs. This is where Lindsey and I were exploring for most of these photos.

Editing made this picture look warm, despite the cold wet wind

When the rain got to much we got in the car and went driving, this view was out past Weilerbach

Close Ups are never easy in the rain and wind!

Added some fake sunshine to warm up this cold damp picture


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