A Mac ‘n’ A PC

It’s a never ending debate, especially among creative professionals: Macintosh or PC? OSX or Windows 7? In the end, it comes down to personal experience and choice. But myself and a fellow photog (and hardcore Mac lover) decided to “face off” on the Mac vs PC debate.

Im a Mac (Kess)

  I am the intelligent, sexy-funny guy surrounded by the attractive girls at the bar, laughing, having fun, and totally flirting. While you, standing in the dark alone against the empty wall wishing for the “tonight it’s gonna” happen moment. I am a Mac and you are a PC.
  There is no doubt about it. I am Sexy! My sleek and curvy body looks great in your hands. My beautiful bright LED backlight display will enhance any photographic projects and showcases the true picture. With HD resolution, I will give you that movie theater feeling right in your own home. The future has no cords! My cordless keyboards and mouse are light, thin, and yes sexy! Even my foxy laptop cousins are stimulating to the eyes. The thinner… the better, all without loosing any intelligence! Excite your mornings by waking up the elegant MacBook and without hesitation get right to work. But lets not forget about the boring-squared PC, who doesn’t mind that loud fan noise in the background!
  No Smart water needed. Just being sexy doesn’t matter if you don’t have the brains! My brain starts with intel core i5 and i7 processors. This dimension of speed is perfect for everything you need to do. With Turbo boost 2.0, exhausting applications like Photo Shop CS6, have no problems with up to 3.8GHz speed increase from active cores. This is all done without sacrificing efficiency. Also my single-chip microarchitecture makes it faster to update blogs, editing photos, and keeping in touch with facebook. Since data doesn’t have to wander far, it allows you to receive faster power and effectiveness. Poor PC, time for a nap already?
  Yes, upgrading to a Mac from a PC is a learning experience and doesn’t happen over night. The millions of APPs, the multi-touch mouse, and never worrying about another virus attacking and killing your memories… can be stressful. My family links together. We communicate well. Us Macs enjoy and make it easy to share pictures, music, and anything else with our family products. For family use or for your business, why would you trust the other guy… just because he might be a little cheaper?
Sexy and smart, put your VCR controller down and take a step into tomorrow!
I’m a PC (linds)
There’s a reason there are more of me than anything else (well, unless you are at a hipster meeting or Starbucks). Not only am I a powerhouse for gaming, multimedia and YES…graphic arts… but I can be custom built and configured in a million different ways for a million different uses. You are never stuck with stock. Ya know, unless you’re into that kind of thing.  Did I mention I’m not proprietary? Yeah. You can buy parts for me ANYWHERE, anytime. And from your favorite manufacturer; not Microsoft’s. And I don’t want to say I’m cheap (like he claims), but compared to that other guy I do give you far more bang for your buck. In addition to being a less expensive date with more reward, I run all the same software as my shiny white friend up there. CS6 is child’s play for me (oh… did I mention that I’m a 3 year old model?). All the big words and what’s inside might sound pretty cool… but in the end it’s results that matter. I deliver them! Without needing things like “turboboost”. What’s that? You want to talk peripherals? OK! No matter what you want… printer, camera, speakers, mouse, keyboard… it will work. Plug it in and off you go. No special compatibility stickers for me. If something doesn’t work, I tell you why. Bad driver? I give you that message, rather than some cutesy thing about “oops! I need to restart!”. Unlike my “looks are everything” friend, I am honest and tell it like it is. Don’t understand what that means? No worries! I can automatically fix errors for you. I am here, after all, to serve you. The little white box might try to warn you about viruses. Sure, it’s possible! There are a lot more of me than him, so shady folks will happily write more viruses for me. If Mac’s ruled the world (which… they don’t…), they would have more viruses than PC. But don’t worry! This is a simple thing to prevent with anti-virus software running silently in the background. And oh… did you know macs need Antivirus too? If you’re more of a philanthropist than a tech person, chew on this: Bill Gates and his wife have given away more than 1/10th of Apple’s total accrued wealth to fight malaria, hunger and poverty all over the world. Steve Jobs created Apple so the “haves” could have more, shiny toys. Bill Gates created me so that he could better the world.
**Please note: This blog post was made in fun. Both brands are awesome and have their own place in the world of photography.**

One thought on “A Mac ‘n’ A PC

  1. I will have to go with the sexy shiny one. There is not so many compatibility issues anymore, but this is my personal choice. I prefer all my machines to talk simply, with NO setup they see each other and say hey I know you. Mac as my wife says “just works” when I was a hard core building, case modding, PC guy it did not just work I had to work for it. There is one thing there are almost no games made with mac in mind, a few are coming around but I am not interested in that I love the MBP, Mini, and they talk to my phone tablet. I am a Big Apple Fan sure they cost more but once you switch you will know what you are paying for. You are paying for the honor of using software programmed specifically for the hardware you are using. “Once you go MAC you will never go back”.
    This is my opinion and when people ask me what laptop, tablet, phone….. I think they should get I tell them don’t ask me I am bias. I don’t even care what non mac products are like because I am so satisfied I will never buy anything else.

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