Dear Photographers….

Dear Photographers,

Let’s be friends.

Now I am no expert but I know the difference between right and wrong.
Babies in (breakable) glass containers – Wrong. Tax evasion – Wrong. Going to another photographers facebook page and critiquing / beeing mean publicly – Wrong.
Babies on fluffy blankets – Correct. Setting up your business legally – Correct. Only giving feedback when asked – Correct.

You can choose what you do and how you do it, but if you ask me my opinion I will give it. If you don’t want to hear my opinion do not ask for it. If you are just reading a publicly asked question and my answer (or other peoples answer) has information that you dont like, feel free to state your argument, Ill listen, and if your argument is valid with proof, I may even change my opinion.

I always aim to tell you the truth, sometimes the truth is my opinion, other times it will be fact, but please know if you ask me for an answer I will tell you what you need to know, good or bad.

Shocking newsflash though-I don’t know everything, and if I dont know an answer I will let you know, or research until I learn what my brain was missing.

I LOVE helping people, I dont always have the time to reply to emails straight away, but I will eventually (sometimes you may have to remind me). I love telling people they are doing well and encouraging other photographers growth, even if it means their skill levels end up being higher than mine. There is a photographer for every client out there.

There are NO secrets in photography, most techniques and editing styles have been thought of, and recreated many times over.  Anyone can learn from, school, books, the internet, and workshops. Setting ourselves apart from each other can be hard in tight knit military communities, but it can be done. Try not to be threatened by other photographers, instead embrace them, help them learn, even if they don’t have the pro equipment or the schooling you do. At some stage or another we all think we are pretty awesome (wow I remember when I first got my camera-I thought I was the next Ansel Adams).

It doesn’t matter if one photographer charges $50 and gives all the unedited images to a client, It doesn’t matter if  another photographer charges $300 and only supplies prints. There are enough clients for every photographer in the area,  I know things have changed over the last few years with the availability of cheaper equipment, but dont hold that against the new photographers who are learning, over time they will upgrade and want more, but for now let them be happy with their DSLR and kit lens, they are discovering the love that you already found!

I have only recently discovered my love for photography (in the last 5 years) there are photographers who have had photography as their lively hoods there whole lives, so its understandable that some get upset at new photographers. When this happens (and it will) dont worry about it, keep doing what you are doing, you will get to a stage where you will want to make changes to your business, when you make those changes is up to you, do it when your ready, not to keep up with everyone else. That said I am a BIG advocate for getting paid for our time and effort so if you ever ask me if your charging enough, I will ask you what you make an hour, and if its less than minimum wage, I will tell you to re-evaluate, take my advice or leave it, I wont be offended 🙂

We as photographer’s should stick together, always look out for one another, we are in a competitive business, BUT it doesn’t have to be a cut throat mean business.  If we help each other when asked, apply good advice when asked, and even volunteer nice comments with out being asked our little community will thrive.


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