Camera Bag DIY: Plastic Bags

If anyone were going to be caught using a product in a way it was not intended, it would be me. I LOVE items that are multi-purpose. This means I probably love clear, lawn trash bags more than most of my family (‘cuz, you know, they aren’t multi-purpose). In this, the FIRST episode of Camera Bag DIY, we look at plastic bags. In addition to this cheap, easy, three minute DIY project, you can also use plastic bags for the following:

  • Camera bag rain cover
  • Something to kneel on to avoid getting wet/muddy/covered in cow poop (funny story about that…)
  • Assistant/photographer rain covers (make sure the photographer can breathe. Assistant being able to breathe is optional)
  • Um, hauling trash, I guess
  • Covering your umbrellas/lights in a sudden drizzle (be cautious of fire hazards… ya know… for safety or whatever)
  • Bonus? Black lawn bags can be used instead if you don’t have to see all of your knobs ‘n buttons ‘n such. These are awesome because you can stick your head under your little rain hood and it makes a great viewing area in bright, cloudy, obnoxious days when your screen may be a bit hard to see.

The Materials:

1 large (33 gallon size is good) garbage bag. Lawn bags are the most sturdy and are less likely to tear. Clear or black. choice is yours!
1 roll of plastic electrical tape. Color doesn’t matter, but you need electrical tape because it stretches a little bit
UV filter
A non-accident prone adult OR lots of bandaids

The Steps:

1. Lay your plastic bag out flat and cut up 2 of the 3 sealed sides. I like to cut the sides that have the seams because I’m OCD, but that doesn’t really matter. In the end, you should have 1, big, flat piece of plastic.

2. Fold the bag BACK in half and put your camera WITH the lens and UV filter you will be using inside. This works best with a lens that has rear or internal focusing OR a front element that DOES NOT rotate. Why do we cut it in half to begin with? Well, because this is going to make it super simple for you to access the camera naturally instead of having a plastic bag all wadded up around you. Plus, you can stick your face under the bag to look through the viewfinder without suffocating and dying. In other words, now it looks less like a trash bag and you have more room to move around.

3. CAREFULLY and fairly loosely wrap the electrical tape around the frontmost edge of your lens. The edge of the tape should be flush with the edge of your UV filter.

4. Slide the whole plastic bag/tape assembly off of your camera. Do this CAREFULLY. Be sure your camera is in MF before you do. It should come off pretty freely, but should be snug enough that water doesn’t creep in there. Now, cut the circle that your lens will be peeking out of. Just follow the electrical tape as a guide, and make sure to get all the little bits of plastic that might get in front of your lens otherwise!

5. Carefully slide the rain cover back over your camera, and feel safe and sound in rain and a bit of sand đŸ˜€

Note: I’m not responsible if you eff your camera up because you’re being a goof. This is a temporary solution that works great if you do it right and aren’t being dumb.

This post is starring:
Me (Lindsey)
Panasonic DMC-L1K with Leica kit lens and Sunpack UV filter


3 thoughts on “Camera Bag DIY: Plastic Bags

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