How to create a basic watermark / logo using Photoshop Elements

Developing a ‘brand image’ is very important to photographers, our photography style is one way to help us develop that brand another is the logos we use on our websites and pictures, most of the time that logo has a duel purpose- it is advertisement and it reduces the number of people copying and printing your images directly from their computers.

When I see a logo on a photo I expect it to be easy to read and not a distraction to the photograph, there is nothing worse than an adorable kitten with a big fat JO BLOGS DO NOT COPY right though the middle of the cute little face.  Placing a watermark / logo thought the center of the image is a great way to prevent people stealing and printing your pictures with out paying for them, but it could also stop people admiring your work. Choosing a good place for your logo/ watermark is as important as designing one that tells people who you are and how to find you.

Personally I opt for the bottom of the image for my watermark, I dont ask clients not to crop the photos when they use them as facebook profile pictures, as I know that facebook has strange proportions for that itty bitty profile picture and sometimes using a full sized picture is not practical.  I do tag my clients on facebook, this allows their friends and families to see the pictures- with watermarks and that for me is good enough advertisement.

When making a logo it should look good in black, in white, and the original color you make it. The reasoning behind this is that if you place a black logo on a dark image it will be hard to see, so you have the option to use a white logo instead.

Below are some instructions using Photoshop Elements to create a simple logo using the cookie cutter tool and text.

Start by opening a new blank file

How to make a watermark / logo

I like to use a large size and large resolution for my designing- this allows me to be flexible later with what I can use the logo on.  I also like my background to be transparent.

Start by duplicating the first layer. Never work on a single layer, if you do and you make a mistake you either have to use the erasure or the back button a million times just to correct a mistake you made earlier, if you made a mistake early on and use the back button, you have to redo all your work! To duplicate the layer right click the layer in the layer pallet and select duplicate layer.

I started this logo by adding some text, I chose something easy to read. If you type Rachel Baine Photography into Google, my website pops up.

Once the text is written I want to add my shape (text can be altered at any time by clicking the text layer). So open a new layer

Fill the new layer with a color of your choice

Select the cookie cutter tool and the shape you want to use

I chose a circle, click the mouse onto the black layer and drag the mouse to create your shape

For every new shape you must make a new fill layer, I added a second circle (at this point I had no idea what my logo would be)

A couple more shapes added, as you can see from all the layers on the right

At this point my logo is pretty much done so I save it as a .psd file. Any time you make something that you may want to alter at a later date save as .psd that way you can edit any layer individually at any time

If you decide to add color to your logo select the layer (part of the logo you want to add color too) and select the fill tool. click the color onto the picture where you want to add the color. For changing the color of the text, select the text layer and highlight the text then choose the new color

Once your image is finalized save it as a .png, this will flatten the image allowing the background to stay transparent. Every time you add your png file to a picture you only see the colored part of the logo, not the white background that would appear if you saved as a .jpg

FFinished logo saved as .jpg


6 thoughts on “How to create a basic watermark / logo using Photoshop Elements

  1. Rachel, this is awesome. Thank you so much. However, since I’m quite a beginner at this, how do you add your .png file to your picture? I’m sure this is an easy process, but I’m clueless. Any help would be appreciated.

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  3. Thanks a lot for this easy to use tutorial! 🙂
    Is it a way to use our own image to create our logo instead of using the shapes included in Photoshop Elements?

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